What is Public Speaking?

When we talk about public speaking, we usually think about some person in front of a large group giving an extended presentation on a difficult or technical subject. That is not usually how it is. When do we most often speak in public? Isn't it in a conversation? One on one? Eye to eye, sharing ideas, talking about the weather, or the ball game. It's not that hard. We aren't usually intimidated by that kind of conversation. When does public speaking cross the line from casual conversation to scared out of our wits?!?!?

Usually when it counts, when it matters. It counts when you're in the staff meeting and your boss asks "what do you think?" You had better produce an intelligent, relevant answer.

It counts when your sales prospect says

"sure come on down to the office and show me what you got"

and when you arrive, your prospect, their assistant, CFO, COO, accountant and attorney are seated around the conference table eager to see "what you got"!

It may even count when your best friend asks you to say a few words at their wedding. Your friend just has 2 words to say "I" and "Do" You're stuck giving the toast eternally archived on the wedding video. You probably won't even get to kiss the bride. It matters!

Even the one on one conversation matters if it is with your bosses, bosses, bosses boss!

There are many times in your professional and personal life when being able to stand up to say a few words without passing out will be the difference between success and failure.

Steve Brummet is a communication expert, writer and speaker. Steve's company specializes in working with organizations of all types to help their people increase productivity and profit and decrease stress by improving communication skills. As a writer, Steve has been published in Parenting Success, People of Faith and Family-content.com.

Steve says his clients include a Lions Club in Sherman Texas, his mother in law's ladies group and SOMETIMES his wife and four children will listen to him for just a little while.


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